Lamellar Armour - D Plates - 100pc

$ 30.00

These newly designed lamellar plates are made out of practically indestructible reinforced nylon plastic.  They are now dyeable to any color you would like.  Please see below for the dyeing  instructions as well as some videos about how to construct lamellar armor.  This D plate measures 15/16" wide by 2 10/16" long.   They come in bags of 100 plates.  You will need to order spine plates separately depending on how many rows you will have. 


Plate dyeing steps

1: Boil enough water to completely cover the number of plates you are dyeing.
2: Put the plates in the water and get it back to a strong simmer.
3: Wait 10 minutes for the pores in the plastic to open up.
4: Pour in about 5% or 10% Pro Dye- not very much at all- and you'll see it attaches to the surface of the plates quite aggressively.
5: Stir the pot, simmering for 10 minutes to make sure you get an even coating.
6: Pour off the dye water and rinse with cold water.
7: You can now scrub the plates with dish soap or alcohol to remove the excess dye, so it doesn't stain your hands while lacing the plates together

With the plates dyed you can now paint in whatever fashion you choose. The tooth of the plates will hold the paint very, very well. Any chips or gouges will show the dye color underneath instead of white plastic.

Preparing paracord -

Making armor -
ve in total.